Tooth Colored Fillings Bloomfield, CT


Jean M. Lafayette, DDS in Bloomfield uses minimally-invasive, durable composite for all dental fillings. Tooth-colored materials aren’t just more aesthetic, they’re better for your smile. Now when you treat tooth decay, you can get the best of both worlds by having healthier teeth and a more beautiful restoration.

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Symptoms of Cavities

The biggest thing you should know about tooth decay is that it doesn’t always cause pain. Although some cavities do hurt, there are other signs you should be on the lookout for so that the cavity doesn’t expand into your nerve. Other symptoms to watch for include rough edges that you can feel with your tongue, floss snagging or shredding between your teeth, and food getting caught in a specific area after each meal.

During your exam, your dentist will order an X-ray to check the location and extent of the cavity, so that we can intercept it as early as possible. If it’s still in the beginning demineralization stages, we may be able to reverse it with regular fluoride treatments.

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Composite Fillings Advantages


Because of the way white fillings are made, they:

  • Bond closer to your enamel
  • Require less preparation
  • Are mercury-free
  • Match the tooth around them
  • Expand and contract similar to natural teeth
  • Form a tighter seal against the tooth
  • Maximize how much tooth structure you can retain

White fillings are safer than metal fillings because they don’t compromise the enamel around them. That means if you ever need to have them replaced, our Bloomfield dentist can usually put another small filling instead of phasing into a full-coverage crown. If you’re changing out a filling on a front tooth, we may recommend whitening your teeth first, so that we can update your restoration in a brighter shade!