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Teeth Whitening

Enhancing the color of your natural smile is a great way to help your teeth look their best. It’s natural for our porous tooth enamel to soak up stains over time. If your grin is starting to look darker because of the foods you love, or they’ve always been naturally dark, then professional teeth whitening (bleaching) is an excellent option to consider.

How Does

Whitenin Work?

Teeth Whitening Bloomfield CT

When we apply concentrated whitening gel to your teeth, the ingredients oxidize the stain particles that they come into contact with. Consequently, the tooth enamel in that area is also lightened. The gel can work as a stand-alone treatment when worn in a tray close to your teeth, or accelerated with a bright light as part of an in-office procedure. Both methods can lighten your smile by several shades.

Over the Counter vs. Professional Whitening

If you have very mild tooth stain, then an over-the-counter strip or gel system may be all that you need. Unfortunately, the products aren’t as strong as what you can get from a dentist, so they don’t work as quickly or significantly. When you come to Jean M. Lafayette, DDS, we’ll fit you with custom molded trays that keep the professional grade gel right where you need it. As a result, you’ll get a stronger and even white across your smile instead of patchy white spots or gum irritation.

An Affordable

Smile Enhancement

Teeth whitening is a great way to jump right into a smile makeover without any extra dental work. Or, you can prep your teeth by brightening them before updating new dental work in your smile zone. Since white fillings or crowns won’t bleach, it’s best to achieve the lighter shade you want before we match the ceramic to your teeth. Whitening is safe for teens, too! Give your smile a boost or treat your student to a professional whitening system at Jean M. Lafayette, DDS in Bloomfield. Call today to schedule.

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