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A dental implant is a tooth replacement treatment that’s modeled after the design of your natural smile. Each restoration acts as a biocompatible “root” that sets in your mouth and supports the crown, bridge, or denture attached on top.

Why Choose Dental Implants?

Choosing to invest in dental implants provides you with numerous benefits over other conventional tooth replacement treatments. Such as:

  • Reinforces your natural bone structure
  • Support of facial tissues and profile
  • Non-invasive to adjacent teeth
  • High success rate
  • Easy to care for
  • Single or multiple-tooth cases
  • Lasts for a lifetime

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Dental Implants


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What to Expect

Our Bloomfield dental implant cases typically take a few different appointments to complete from start to finish. It starts with your consultation and exam to determine how many implants you’ll need and the type of restoration appropriate for your case. Depending on how many teeth are being restored, we can use a single implant with a crown, or pairs of implants to anchor a bridge or denture.

Thanks to 3D CT scanning, we can digitally map out and plan your implant procedure well in advance, allowing for a minimally invasive experience and faster healing.

After the implants are surgically set into place, it'll take a few months for the bone around them to fuse with their surfaces. Once integrated, we’ll affix the permanent restoration on top. In the meantime, we will have you wear a temporary healing prosthesis to protect the implant site.

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A Smile That Lasts A Lifetime


When properly cared for, you can expect your dental implants to last the rest of your life. They have the highest success rate of any modern-day restoration and are healthier for your smile.

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