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Do you have a broken or missing tooth? Jean M. Lafayette, DDS offers a variety of durable, cosmetic dental restorations to protect your smile’s function and appearance. Today’s porcelain and ceramic dental materials mean you can take advantage of protective restorations that blend in with your other teeth.

Do I Need a Crown?

Dental crowns (sometimes called “caps”) are a protective cover that guards teeth with large cracks or cavities. The full coverage restoration slips over your tooth, protecting it against further damage. A crown may be recommended if your tooth has/is:

  • A large cavity
  • Severe wear or fractures
  • Treated with a root canal
  • Being replaced by a dental implant
  • An old, large filling that is leaky

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Are Crowns / Bridges Right For Me?

Fixed Bridges for Missing Teeth

If you have one or two missing teeth, dental bridges are a traditional tooth replacement option our dentists may recommend. Bridges work by setting on top of a healthy tooth on either side of the missing one. We can also set longer bridges on top of dental implants, eliminating the need for a removable partial denture.

Caring for Your Crown or Bridge

Although crowns and bridges completely cover your supporting teeth, there’s a thin margin around the edges where your underlying tooth can be exposed to plaque and food. To maintain a tight seal and avoid new cavities, it’s vital to brush and floss around your crown or bridge every day. Water flossers and floss threaders are useful for tight spaces that might be hard to reach.

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The Treatment Process


Getting a new crown or bridge at Jean M. Lafayette, DDS usually involves a two-visit process. After we prep and impress your tooth, we’ll send the mold to our lab where the fixed restoration is crafted by hand. About two weeks later, your permanent restoration will be ready to cement in place.